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Suzanne Nguyen:

Ms. Suzanne is extremely qualified to lead, mentor, and guide future cosmetology professionals with over 20 years of instructional experience and an additional 20 years of professional salon experience.  Ms. Suzanne has exceptional customer service skills who understand the needs of students and clients.  Ms. Suzanne always willing to go above and beyond to help students to prepare for the State Examinations through one on one tutoring and exam focused classes.  Ms. Suzanne began her career as a cosmetology instructor in 1997.  Between 1997 to 2017, Ms. Suzanne had trained 4 cosmetology supervisor and lead instructor.  She also trained approximately 5,000 students to take the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Exam with a passing success rate of 90% of which 90% who had limited English proficiency.

Ms. Suzanne has taught students from various countries, backgrounds, socioeconomics, and educational levels.  She is also well verse in conducting special training classes that focused on different cosmetology aspects, new techniques and skills.

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