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Ngan Nguyen:

Ms. Ngan Nguyen have lived in San Diego for 5 years.  She was born in Vietnam, in a family where her grandfather, father, mother, aunt and uncle were all teachers, they all wanted to guide her in their own way, she grew up with early lectures of her grandfather and mother.  Because of the many exposure to the educational environment, she understand that the way to impart knowledge to students is extremely important, determining the quality and absorption of the lessons of the students.  The predestined relationship that perhaps due to the above grace have arranged her to return to teaching.

 She believes that the new Vietnamese that came to America including herself looking for a new life in the land of opportunity always lose their career orientation for the future.  But after she finished her nail practice certificate, she felt interesting because it not only taught her a profession to support her and her family, but she also learned more about the law, the safety of the workers, and more importantly she believes that to succeed in life one must overcome any challenges in any career path.  She grew an in interest in helping others to achieve success and therefore want to impart all of her knowledges and experiences so that they will have an educational foundation and a career oriented mentality.  Her mission is to ensure that the knowledges you learn from AAA Beauty College will drive you to succeed in the profession that you are studying.

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